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Neema Christian Academy Construction

Texas, United States

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Neema Christian Academy 2019 has LAUNCHED!  Not just construction, but 7 class levels have begun also, Praise God! While kids are meeting in all sorts of placed on our Neema Mercy Home campus, we are rapidly constructing the classrooms for our new school to "train up a child in the way they should go, so that when they are old, they will not depart from it" and provide all our kids and starting with a couple dozen village kids a firm solid elementary education!  Come invest in lives for years to come by helping us make long lasting classrooms and enrich the lives of many! To God by the Glory! 

We have a roof over the first 3 classrooms now, but we are out of funds and need your help to finish the next phases!  
Here below are our current Budgeted needs to complete. What part can you cover?

construction costs 2-8-19.jpg

God bless all who have given to help us invest the $9700 into this school launch thus far in just two months!  We have purchased about $2000 in Curriculum, hired and paid teachers for 3 weeks, purchased lots of extra food for the construction crew and teachers, and cleaned up the newly acquired property, fenced it, built a nice new gate, and launched our new Academy on the fly in just a week of planning! Wow!  God did this!  Thank you Lord!  Now we need to help spread the word and get these classrooms, offices and kitchen project moving towards completion!  

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    $ 2,000 USD

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    $ 1,050 USD

    Hope Movement

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